Marine Conservation & Protection

The CiMS Marine Protected Area Solution ensures efficient monitoring and management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Deployable from remote communities, it integrates data into a streamlined dashboard, enabling proactive conservation decisions, saving time and resources in MPA protection.

Remote Monitoring Solution for Marine Protected Areas

Maximize Efficiency

Our autonomous platforms allow operators to manage a wide variety of tasks from a single location. A single operator can control the OceanSled and monitor deployed assets simultaneously. The Coastal Ocean environment is vast, and CiMS puts ears and eyes on the water when you can’t be there.

Enhance Conservation

Operators can remotely monitor highly productive ecosystems to ensure fishing, tourism and other human activities do not negatively impact the protected resources, while providing the data to manage potential conflicts between different resource users.

Promote Effective Collaboration

Our system incorporates tools that can be used for Ecosystem-Based Management of these valuable coastal resources so multi-disciplinary teams can make informed decisions using both real-time and historical data to monitor change and detect anomalies.

CiMS | Coastal Intelligence Management System

Advancing Marine Conservation with Efficient Technology

The increasing public concern for the sustainability of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) underscores the necessity for prompt and accurate monitoring.. The MPAS Rapid Deploy Kit, with its OceanSled vessel and drones, designed for efficient deployment from remote Indigenous communities, enhances control in marine monitoring. Utilizing satellite imagery, static sensors, and government intelligence, this technology integrates data into a unified dashboard for effective MPA management with minimal personnel requirements. Real-time data from the OceanSled, IRI drone, and field operators enables proactive conservation and predictive planning, allowing decision-makers to conduct rapid assessments and deploy tailored responses, ultimately saving valuable time, money, and resources.

CiMS Marine Conservation & Protection Components


The OceanSled® is an autonomous surface vessel capable of carrying various payloads and sensors to relay data back to marine guardians and other decision makers. From collecting samples, monitoring marine life and vessels, 2-way voice and communications, to transporting equipment, the OceanSled® is the perfect multi-mission platform for all aspects of marine management in remote coastal communities.

IRI drone

The Incident Reconnaissance and Intelligence drone is a sensor-rich package providing high-quality data to enable rapid understanding of marine conditions. Equipped with visual spectrum and infrared cameras, water quality monitoring sensors, and a biological sampling kit, the IRI drone offers a wealth of data to inform conservation and enforcement operations.

Field Control Centre

OceanSled® can be controlled by a simple handheld controller, but to unlock its full potential, we supply a Field Control Centre with a powerful onboard computer and up to three screens for maximum control and data monitoring capabilities. The Field Control Centre can act as a mobile Marine Management Command Post (MMCP). The software is designed with Incident Command System (ICS) principles, enabling efficient command transfer and coordination for unified conservation management.

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