Marine Infrastructure

Marine inspections can be expensive and hazardous, often hampered by poor visibility and complex scheduling. Shift Coastal Technologies’ CiMS package addresses these issues by integrating advanced sensors into an autonomous platform, enabling efficient data collection and analysis with reduced personnel requirements.

Add Efficiency and Safety to Your  Inspections

Cost Savings

Operation of the CiMS solution requires minimum personnel, with less specialized training requirements.

Minimize Risk

Perform your operations safely on shore, ship or platform.

Simplified Routine Testing

The autonomous platforms within the CiMS solution allow high repeatability for routine inspections.

Simple Data Display and Sharing

CiMS software simplifies data comparison and sharing with experts. This enables efficient, effective inspection for focused operator attention.

CiMS | Coastal Intelligence Management System

Integrated Solution for Efficiency and Safety

Conducting ocean asset inspections is costly and perilous, with challenges in diver operations and visibility limitations. Shift Coastal Technologies addresses these issues with the IRM package, integrating advanced technologies on the autonomous OceanSled® platform, such as bathymetry, ultrasonic non-destructive testing, and various sensors. This minimizes the need for specialized diving and climbing units, reducing costs and risks. The software consolidates all collected data, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the target area for operators. Proprietary AI enhances the process by scanning incoming data and alerting operators to potential anomalies. This streamlined information, bolstered by AI insights, can be effortlessly shared with authorities and decision-makers, enabling more informed and efficient decision-making.

CiMS Marine Infrastructure Components


Our Autonomous Surface Vessel designed with durability and high-quality materials, seamlessly integrates ROV and RPAS capabilities, along with their essential sensors and payloads, for comprehensive surface and sub-surface infrastructure inspections of ports, ships, nuclear, oil and gas, aquaculture and wind sectors.


Advanced ultrasonic Non Destructive Testing drone is tethered to the OceanSled® platform, allowing autonomous operation from a single operator. The tether removes the short run-time typically associated with drone operation, allowing us to fly from a high capacity battery system onboard the OceanSled®.

Field Control Centre

An advanced control station brings together operation of the OceanSled®, Skyron, and Defender into one system, data collection is combined seamlessly and operators are able to share data with authorities and decision makers faster than ever before.


This state of the art ROV utilizes interchangeable, modular components residing on a single, intelligent network. This topology provides an extremely flexible and customizable platform which can be easily adapted to target specific missions. It is this flexibility which sets the Mission Specialist ROV series apart from current technology in the Remotely Operated Vehicle industry.

Transform Your Coastal Inspections

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