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Shift Coastal Technologies revolutionizes naval and marine security with advanced, risk-free technology. Remotely piloted systems and autonomous platforms provide comprehensive awareness, allowing simultaneous deployment of subsea ROVs and aerial UAVs from a centralized command center. Shift Coastal Technologies’ platform streamlines deployment and facilitates collaboration among users.

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C4ISR perspective links sensors to effectors at a speed and accuracy that delivers a decision-advantage over an adversary.

Expandable and Shareable

Interoperability and sharing of domain awareness across the Joint Interagency Multi-national and Public (JIMP) environment.


Electric propulsion offers a high degree of control with minimal sound. Submerged electric drive minimizes heat signature.


CiRVO is resistent to cyber threats and unauthorized access, and provides resilient data input, storage, visualization across multiple domains and authentication levels.

CiMS | Coastal Intelligence Management System

Advancing Naval Security with Autonomous Technology

Shift Coastal Technologies’ technology transforms naval warfare and marine security by ensuring sustainable operational effectiveness without human risk or fatigue. Remotely piloted systems and autonomous platforms enhance C4ISR awareness, consolidating data for a comprehensive understanding of target areas. The ISR package integrates sensors and imagers, allowing simultaneous deployment of subsea ROVs and aerial UAVs from a centralized command center. Shift Coastal Technologies’ platform simplifies technology deployment and facilitates collaboration among users with varying qualifications.

CiMS Defense and Security Components


Our Autonomous Surface Vessel (ASV) provides a perfect platform for a variety of sensors and payloads. High-survivability with low detectability (low RCS, low acoustic signature platform) in a 2-man portable platform for near-shore special operations (aircraft, submarine, or ship deployable). OceanSled® is conceived as a near-shore ‘Swiss-Army-knife’ maritime platform.


The Incident Reconnaissance and Intelligence (IRI) drone is a sensor rich package providing high quality data to create an understanding of an area as fast as possible. With visual spectrum and infrared cameras, air quality monitoring sensors, and a water sampling kit, the IRI drone provides a suite of data to inform operations.

Field Control Centre

An advanced control station brings together operation of the OceanSled®, IRI drone and Defender into one system, data collection is combined seamlessly, and operators are able to securely share data with decision makers faster than ever before. Collected intelligence data can be stored locally or hosted on a cloud server to allow a mission specific balance between ultimate security and ease of sharing.


This state of the art ROV utilizes interchangeable, modular components residing on a single, intelligent network. This topology provides an extremely flexible and customizable platform which can be easily adapted to target specific missions. It is this flexibility which sets the Mission Specialist ROV series apart from current technology in the Remotely Operated Vehicle industry. US Navy preferred platform for identification and defeat of underwater mines and intelligent data collection.

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