Marine Incident Response

CiMS is a bespoke package of hardware and software, tailored for deployment from ports, communities, offshore platforms and ships, providing cutting edge technology for any response. 

Manage Your Incident Efficiently & Effectively


Simultaneously oversee deployed sensors and other remotely operated assets in the marine, air, and subsea domains.


Access high risk areas while taking people out of potentially dangerous situations.


Our system is designed based on the principles of the Incident Command System (ICS), facilitating the efficient exchange of information and operational capabilities with key response organizations, first responder groups, and military command centers.

CiMS | Coastal Intelligence Management System

The Ideal Solution for Nearshore Spill Response

CiMS offers specialized hardware and software for efficient response to environmental incidents like oil spills. Our Rapid Deploy Kit, centered around the OceanSled autonomous surface vessel and commercial drones, provides cutting-edge technology for rapid deployment in various coastlines. The CiMS software integrates personnel, asset coordinates, tasking, and capabilities into a unified operating picture, enabling effective incident management with minimal personnel. The sensor-rich platforms deliver real-time data on marine incidents, supporting proactive management and predictive planning for response, ultimately saving time, money, and resources.

CiMS Marine Incident Response Components


The OceanSled® is an autonomous surface vessel capable of carrying a variety of payloads, from deploying lightweight containment boom, or satellite tracking beacons to monitor the plume, to transporting sorbent materials or delivering lunch to a shore crew, the OceanSled® is your Ideal multi-mission platform for all stages of an environmental response.

IRI drone

The Incident Reconnaissance and Intelligence drone is a sensor rich package providing high quality data to create an understanding of the incident as fast as possible. With visual spectrum and infrared cameras, air quality monitoring sensors, and a water sampling kit, the IRI drone provides a suite of data to inform response operations.

Field Control Centre

OceanSled® can be controlled by a simple handheld controller, but to unlock its full potential we supply a Field control Centre with a powerful onboard computer and up to three screens to provide the operator with maximum control and data monitoring capabilities. The Field Control Center can act as a mobile Incident Command Post (ICP) and software is designed with Incident Command System (ICS) principals to allow efficient transfer of command, when a unified command is stood up.

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