Integrated Coastal Monitoring and Surveillance Services

Shift Coastal Technologies is committed to resolving complex maritime challenges, and fostering innovative win-win-win industry – government – indigenous partnerships; connecting coastal communities and stakeholders for improved coastal resilience and security.

We aren’t like the other guys and here is why… 


We support innovative projects and build trusting connections between First Nation communities, government, and industry partners. Our goal is the generation of shared opportunities and results for all parties.


Our comprehensive approach integrates technology, interactive training, and field operations to build maritime capacity. We get our hands dirty and work as partners with First Nation community members and staff.



Important decisions are made with consideration for the overall vision and values of the community we serve. This ensures resilient results that are built on the community’s strengths.


Our Services

Aerial and Subsurface Imaging and Monitoring Services

We perform imaging, mapping, monitoring and modelling of natural and built coastal environments using aerial and maritime remotely operated platforms. As a business operator you benefit from precise and dependable results, through a streamlined survey process for improved capital maintenance and marine planning. Take advantage of our certified and insured field personnel and expert team comprising of skilled remote-sensing operators, imaging specialists, and aerial and maritime data integration professionals.

Indigenous-Industry-Government Coastal Resource Advisory Services

Shift Coastal Technologies uses a unique coastal resource advisory approach acquired through years of industry practice across maritime sectors. Using a reconciliatory approach based on strong relationships the goals of coastal First Nation communities, Industry and Government can be achieved together.

HOW WE DO IT: We match technology providers and projects with Indigenous communities for mutual benefit. Delivering improved technologies, interactive training, and field operations to build maritime capacity for all participants. We get our hands dirty and work as partners with clients, community, and staff.


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