Coastal Incident Management System (CIMS)

COLLABORATION: Shift Coastal Technologies /T’Sou-ke First Nation/SAAB Technologies/BlueNode
DATE: 2021 – 2023

Project Overview

Technological advancement and the development of digital data collection/sharing tools are becoming more available to assist first responders to reduce an incident’s human, environmental, and economic impacts. However, two critical gaps remain in marine emergency incident command and response: (1) communication between responders; and (2) spill-response capability in remote and nearshore locations globally.

This project will develop and deliver the pilot Coastal Incident Management System (CIMS), an integrated oil spill assessment and response capability. Designed for remote Indigenous coastal communities and developed in partnership with First Nation marine service providers as a scalable program, it integrates the following:

  • Situational Awareness, Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA), and Incident Management using Port Control system and Tactical Hardware/Software from Saab Technologies
  • Hardware and software for OceanSled™️ nearshore response craft and eye in the sky (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for environmental detection
  • Optimization of resource utilization using the BlueNode Data Analyzer to monitor and model asset deployments for future incidents.


  • Secured $10.5M in funding
  • Develop, deliver, and demonstrate a customized Mobile Incident Command Post on T’Sou-ke First Nation territory
  • Build capacity and deliver technology to SṈE₭E (Sna-Qua; Heron; The Watchman) (T’Sou-ke Nation Marine Team) to operate and demonstrate NERMC3 capability
  • Provide ship- and shore-based communications, situation awareness, and data management capabilities through Saab’s Communication and Incident Management Solution and BlueNode’s Data Management Solution.
  • Provide nearshore emergency response capability for Indigenous communities using Shift Coastal Technologies’ Nearshore Environmental/Emergency Response Platform
  • Nurture and build relationships within the Ocean Technology and coastal resource communities and between public, private and First Nation rights holders
  • Build market opportunities for all parties (T’Sou-ke, Saab, BlueNode, Shift Coastal Technologies) and for manufacturer/distributor relationships in parallel with project development

Data is the new oil and software is the new steel” as pronounced by Rear Admiral Selby “The Small the Agile and the Many” is being used as a hedge strategy for the U.S. Navy to meet national security interests by balancing large, centralized, and expensive equipment and forces with a distributed and agile rapid response capability. Similarly, these same principals can de-risk spill response and diversify capabilities. In a country with the longest coastline in the world…intelligent and agile systems are integral to a strong response strategy.

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