Image Mapping & Analysis for Governance and Education (IMAGE)

PROJECT PARTNERS: Voyis Imaging, Cellula Robotics, Oceans Networks Canada
DATE: Aug 2022 – Dec 2023

Project Overview

The IMAGE project, funded through the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, will map Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s) using Cellula’s Solus-LR autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), equipped with Voyis optical sensors, to provide interpretation, monitoring and management of MPA’s. The project involves the integration of Voyis sensors into the Solus-LR AUV, building the technical ability of a local First Nation to participate in marine monitoring, two AUV missions, and using the data collection to improve education and future methodologies. The outreach, monitoring, and stewardship from this project will contribute towards AUV use in future MPA monitoring projects.


  • Connecting a local First Nation to the project
  • Facilitating training for a local First Nation on AUV operations
  • Providing a feasibility report for AUV operations for First Nation communities

At every stage, the planning process and the information included in this project were examined to protect the interests of the T’Sou-ke Nation, namely, their desire to repatriate the Chee-a-nun lands, diversify the T’Sou-ke Nation economy, and be a regional and national leader in oceans protection, research, and conservation.

– Kurt Salchert, Marine Advisor to the T’Sou-ke Marine Team

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