Quiet Vessel Initiative

PROJECT PARTNER: Cellula Robotics

DATE: Sept 2022 – July 2023

Project Overview

The Quiet Vessel Initiative, funded by Transport Canada, is a program to address disturbance from vessel traffic on the marine environment. This project is an acoustic study on orca habitat, deploying Cellula’s Solus-LR autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) in critical orca habitat and using acoustic sensors to monitor and characterize vessel noise. The data collected from the AUV mission will support the use of AUV’s for future SRKW monitoring.


  • Connecting a local First Nation to the project
  • Compiling traditional knowledge and scientific research for orca habitat and movements
  • Suggestions for future work using AUV’s to benefit First Nation communities

At every stage, the planning process and the information included in this project were examined to protect the interests of the T’Sou-ke Nation, namely, their desire to repatriate the Chee-a-nun lands, diversify the T’Sou-ke Nation economy, and be a regional and national leader in oceans protection, research, and conservation.

– Kurt Salchert, Marine Advisor to the T’Sou-ke Marine Team

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